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To maintain the required temperature in storages and warehouses is very necessary in order to keep the goods and products fresh and secure. Even a little drop in temperature may affect the products adversely. Therefore, to ensure the well-being of the products and secure the desired temperature we require cold room curtains. EntechInc has been successful in providing highly efficient curtains. We use best of the material and most appropriate techniques to manufacture all of these products.

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What are cold room curtains?

Cold Room Curtains are thick plastic curtains to maintain various temperatures with in one roof. They are mainly used for cold storages and freezer in various organizations. EntechInc’s cold storage curtains in Toronto have proved to be extraordinary due to the use of best materials and efficient careful processing during manufacturing. This is because of the advantages EntechInc cold room curtains hold in comparison to other company’s cold room curtains; few of which are as follow:

  1. 1. Due to the proper securing of desired temperature less energy consumption takes place.
  2. 2. It prevents the formation of fog and snow development. Hence, no extra ice to initiate problems arising from extra ice with the room and products.
  3. 3. It maintains the clear view through the curtains due to reduced fog and snow formation, reducing chances of accidents.
  4. 4. Cold room curtains also help in arranging and moving goods easily hence, saving time.
Further, two-major subdivision of cold room curtains provided by EntechInc to meet diverse needs of the customers are bellow.

Strip Curtains and their uses

Among EntechInc Cold Room Curtains in Toronto, one of their popular product includes Strip Curtains. These are long strips formed using the best of material to maintain the desired temperature. They are available in various sizes and length as per the customer’s demands. These EntechInc Curtains helps with the speedy access to the products and transportation of goods in or out of the premises, while its vinyl material helps in maintaining the desired temperature.
It also allows reasonable viewable pathways into the storage rooms and are estimated for low temperatures that anticipate icy break.The plastic strip curtains are most convenient when installing and are also easy to replace or repair in case of any damage. EntechInc. curtains have proved to be durable and flexible during the testing procedures. Since the sole focus of the business is customer satisfaction and provision of satisfactory products, this is why the company focuses on R&D to ensure perfect service.
We proved our tough nature by encountering various circumstances successfully and maintaining all that EntechInc claims, When a products remains true to the claims made by the company, the company's position is strengthened and same is the case with EntechInc

The PVC curtains and their benefits

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is a most popular kind of the plastics. Due to its high efficiency, easily recyclable nature along with being economical. Some additives are combined with the granules of PVC compound to increase its flexibility and durability.If you want to control temperature, ice formation, visibility and prevention of insects, vermin, birds, noise; then the best of all the options is EntechInc.
PVC curtains vary in sizes to accommodate needs of small storage rooms to large warehouses. It is hence solution to all problems while maintaining the hygiene too. Yes, it is best options when it comes to hygiene control!! Therefore, it is best choice for food storages, warehouses, health care facilities, veterinary facilities, food processing etc. Some of the characteristics which make these the best choice for all includes:

  1. 1. Dramatic noise control.
  2. 2. Perfect maintenance of desired temperature
  3. 3. Greatly reduce condensation issues
  4. 4. Allows the visibility and light to ensure safety
  5. 5. Provides comfortable working environment
  6. 6. Prevent the dust and insects maintaining hygiene
  7. 7. Reduces coil icing issues
  8. 8. Increased shelf life for the stored products
EntechInc offers an amazing service and efficient high-quality products like Strip Curtains, PVC Curtains etc. Due to the experienced professionals that they house along with the amazing approach while collecting raw materials and manufacturing products. Therefore, to enjoy the facilities provided by any of our product you can simply call us or visit us to order the desired product of your need.

Cooler and Strip Doors

The strip doors are one of the most flexible options for freezer as they can resist low temperatures, and do not crack. Coolers need these strip doors so that the temperatures can be maintained without any difficulty. The PVC used for these strip doors prevent any adverse effect on the cooling, they are generally used in storage areas, and meat houses.

Prologue to EntechInc and their work in Toronto, Canada

EntechInc began activities with the mission to be focused on making and keeping up a proactive, high esteem, and financially friendly items. EntechInc has been exceptionally effective at fulfilling our client’s singular needs which constantly change in light of the wide range of undertakings our clients perform. Cold Room Curtains, Strip Curtains and PVC Curtains are likewise accessible to fulfill needs of clients in different areas.

Other Products

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