What is Walk in Freezer?

According to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), walk in freezer means an enclosed storage area refrigerated to certain temperatures, usually around 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The Walk in Freezer is totally chilled space of less than 3 thousand square feet. It is point to note that Walk in freezer does not include products which are marketed and designed exclusively for scientifically, research or medical purposes.

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Walk in Refrigerators and Freezers

Walk in freezers are also similar to walk in refrigerators & walk in cooler. In simple words, walk in refrigerators and freezers are big, enclosed and insulated spaces which are used to store frozen food or other perishable goods. Walk in Freezers / Walk in Refrigerators are often used in food sales industry. On commercial scale, walk in freezers are used in food processing and packaging units and also in supermarkets. Technically, walk in freezers operate below 0o C.

Things You Should Know

Here are few tips you should know before choosing most energy efficient freezer, such as:

  • The Freezer must maintain temperature
  • The Freezer must perform both freezing and refrigeration
  • The Speed of freezing or cooling must occur
  • The Doors configuration should require for access/display

Walk in Freezer Parts

Commercial markets and restaurants have an extensive use of walk in freezers and walk in cooler. If it weren’t for these electronic appliances, food chains would go to zero revenue in days. They work as life savers for them.
But don’t they need lifesaving as well? Over the years, as companies keep using them, their parts get rusty and they need proper repair or replacement. We understand that it might be difficult for one to take such an expensive appliance for recheck regarding it's we internal or external working parts but it necessary for the machine in order to keep its working efficient.
Type of walk in freezer parts:

  • Commercial Gaskets
  • Latches
  • Hinges and Door Closers
  • Compressors
  • Evaporators
So, we suggest you bring it to us because we are in love with these electronics. We want to keep them in working order for you and we guarantee that we use the best spare parts and you don’t need to fear for appliance’s original parts getting replaced with the new ones.

About Entech Walk in Freezers

EntechInc is a leading design and build company in Canada, offering one of the best walk in freezers in Toronto. We have variety of top notch quality walk in freezers in our stock that are ready to serve your needs. We have one of the best walk in freezers and coolers in our inventory. In order to cater your needs, we have different sizes of walk in freezers & walk in coolers. Even, if you feel that your needs will not met through the available units, then you can also place customer orders. We have experience as well as specialized staff that will take care of your needs, demands and custom requirements. They know very well know how to build a walk freezer that will fulfill your requirements. Our staff is experienced and highly familiar with the latest Entech software that will automatically figure out your refrigeration needs. We will design and build your custom walk in freezer & walk in cooler that will not only fulfill your requirements but also build in affordable budget. Some prominent features of our walk in freezers:

  1. Custom configuration service
  2. Great repairing and maintenance service
  3. Bargain Pricing
  4. Save Money
Here is the list of our current stock ready to sale. Please, note that all sizes are available. Even if you need custom walk in freezer you can still contact us for quote.

This is just a partial list and showcase for our walk in customers. Our inventory changes on weekly basis so please contact us for all types of walk in freezers. If you are living in Toronto and looking for best company that sell quality Walk in Cooler, Freezers and refrigerators as well as related services, look no more. Just contact us using our contact us form or give us a call, our specialist will contact you and assist you accordingly.

Having other inquiries, such as

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  • Walk in Freezer Kits
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  • Walk in Cooler
Email: info@entechinc.ca
Sales Department Number: 289-389-5151
Please contact us in office hours so that we can respond you as soon as possible.

Other Products

You can mention item number while ordering online or view product in detail by clicking on it.

Item No Picture Brand/Type Dimensions (in feet) Square Feet
10206 Walk in Cooler Walk in Cooler 36 X 8 X 8.5 288
10207 Walk in Freezer Walk in Freezer 36 X 8 X 8.5 288
10208 Glass Door & Frames Glass Door & Frames 36 X 8 X 8.5 288
10209 walk-in-freezer Evaporators 36 X 8 X 8.5 288